Tennessee Catholic Elementary Schools

A listing of Tennessee catholic elementary schools.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help School Private Chattanooga, TN 322 11.0
St Jude School Private Chattanooga, TN 389 15.0
Immaculate Conception School Private Clarksville, TN 134 10.0
Incarnation Catholic School - Sacc Private Collierville, TN 198 12.0
St Francis Of Assisi Catholic School Private Cordova, TN 870 11.0
School Of The Good Shepherd Private Decherd, TN 71 8.0
St Matthew Catholic School Private Franklin, TN 438 16.0
St John Vianney Catholic School Private Gallatin, TN 120 11.0
St Marys School Private Jackson, TN 327 11.0
St Mary School Private Johnson City, TN 199 12.0
St Dominic School Private Kingsport, TN 102 8.0
Sacred Heart Cathedral School Private Knoxville, TN 702 16.0
St John Neumann School Private Knoxville, TN 294 13.0
St Joseph School Private Knoxville, TN 202 10.0
Sacred Heart Elementary School Private Lawrenceburg, TN 80 10.0
Sacred Heart School Private Loretto, TN 79 9.0
St Joseph School Private Madison, TN 382 15.0
St Patrick Catholic School Private Mc Ewen, TN 96 8.0
De La Salle Elementary School Private Memphis, TN 170 14.0
Holy Names Of Jesus & Mary School Private Memphis, TN 71 10.0
Holy Rosary Elementary School Private Memphis, TN 411 14.0
Immaculate Conception Cathedral School Elementary/ Private Memphis, TN 193 9.0
Little Flower Primary School Private Memphis, TN 75 11.0
Our Lady Of Sorrows Elementary School Private Memphis, TN 77 8.0
Resurrection Catholic School Private Memphis, TN 173 8.0
St John Catholic School Private Memphis, TN 212 17.0
St Louis Elementary School Private Memphis, TN 430 430.0
St Patrick School Private Memphis, TN 155 11.0
St Paul School Private Memphis, TN 193 16.0
St Rose Of Lima Catholic School Private Murfreesboro, TN 317 13.0
Christ The King School Private Nashville, TN 260 12.0
Holy Rosary Academy Private Nashville, TN 394 14.0
St Ann School Private Nashville, TN 171 11.0
St Bernard Academy Private Nashville, TN 312 10.0
St Edward Elementary School Private Nashville, TN 434 14.0
St Pius X Classical Academy Private Nashville, TN 95 8.0
St Marys School Private Oak Ridge, TN 206 9.0
St Paul The Apostle School Private Tullahoma, TN 72 7.0
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Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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