New Jersey All-Male Elementary Schools

Map of New Jersey All-Male Elementary Schools

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Bonnie Brae School Private Basking Ridge, NJ 83 5.0
Yeshiva Keter Torah Private Eatontown, NJ 112 8.0
Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy Private Elizabeth, NJ 222 9.0
St Rose Of Lima Elementary School Private Haddon Heights, NJ 385 18.0
Bais Reuvain Kaminetz Of Lakewood Private Lakewood, NJ 260 17.0
Cheder Bnai Torah Private Lakewood, NJ 371 9.0
Cheder Toras Zev Private Lakewood, NJ 54 11.0
Satmar Cheder/united Talmudical Academy Private Lakewood, NJ 234 21.0
Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom Private Lakewood, NJ 538 21.0
Talmud Torah Ohr Elchonon Private Lakewood, NJ 192 14.0
Tashbar Of Lakewood Private Lakewood, NJ 366 26.0
Yeshiva K'tana Of Lakewood Private Lakewood, NJ 849 23.0
Yeshiva Masoras Avos Private Lakewood, NJ 259 14.0
Yeshiva Nesivos Ohr Private Lakewood, NJ 181 10.0
Yeshiva Orchos Chaim Private Lakewood, NJ 835 17.0
Yeshiva Oros Yisroel Private Lakewood, NJ 24 1.0
Yeshiva Toras Aron Private Lakewood, NJ 686 23.0
Yeshiva Toras Emes Private Lakewood, NJ 206 14.0
Yeshiva Toras Menachem Private Lakewood, NJ 80 7.0
Newark Boys Chorus School Private Newark, NJ 78 7.0
Yeshiva Ktana Of Passaic Boys' Private Passaic, NJ 1,145 13.0
Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Boys' Private Piscataway, NJ 156 6.0
Princeton Academy Of The Sacred Heart Private Princeton, NJ 229 8.0
The American Boychoir School Private Princeton, NJ 50 5.0
Karasick Shalem High School At Tabc Private Teaneck, NJ 14 2.0
Mount Saint Joseph Childrens Center Private Totowa, NJ 25 4.0
Learning Institute Of Union City Private Union City, NJ 83 4.0
Somerset Hills School Private Warren, NJ 96 4.0
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Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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