New Hampshire Catholic Elementary Schools

Map of New Hampshire Catholic Elementary Schools

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Barrington Village School Private Barrington, NH 19 3.0
St John Regional School Private Concord, NH 230 16.0
St Thomas Aquinas School Private Derry, NH 210 16.0
St Mary Academy Private Dover, NH 336 12.0
Villa Augustina School Private Goffstown, NH 173 11.0
Sacred Heart School Private Hampton, NH 193 12.0
Presentation Of Mary Academy Private Hudson, NH 468 25.0
St Patrick School Private Jaffrey, NH 90 9.0
St Joseph Regional School Private Keene, NH 120 6.0
Holy Trinity School Private Laconia, NH 111 7.0
St Francis Of Assisi School Private Litchfield, NH 93 8.0
Mt St Mary Academy Private Manchester, NH 163 11.0
St Anthony School Private Manchester, NH 184 16.0
St Augustin Preschool Private Manchester, NH 43 3.0
St Benedict Academy Private Manchester, NH 138 14.0
St Casimir School Private Manchester, NH 144 11.0
St Catherine Of Siena School Private Manchester, NH 330 16.0
St Marie Child Care Center Private Manchester, NH 61 1.0
Infant Jesus School Private Nashua, NH 234 13.0
Rivier College Early Childhood Center Private Nashua, NH 125 7.0
St Christopher School Private Nashua, NH 324 17.0
St Patrick School Private Pelham, NH 183 15.0
St Patrick School Private Portsmouth, NH 180 7.0
Immaculate Heart Of Mary School Private Richmond, NH 50 5.0
St Elizabeth Seton School Private Rochester, NH 121 11.0
St Leo Catholic Childrens Center Private Rochester, NH 29 9.0
St Joseph Regional Catholic School Private Salem, NH 179 13.0
Mount Royal Academy Private Sunapee, NH 114 11.0
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Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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