North Dakota Coed Elementary Schools

A listing of North Dakota coed elementary schools.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Brentwood Adventist Christian School Private Bismarck, ND 8 8.0
Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit School Private Bismarck, ND 230 15.0
Martin Luther School Private Bismarck, ND 173 12.0
Missouri Valley Montessori Preschool Private Bismarck, ND 175 22.0
Shiloh Christian School Private Bismarck, ND 419 11.0
St Anne School Private Bismarck, ND 250 23.0
St Joseph School Private Devils Lake, ND 127 10.0
Hope Christian Academy Private Dickinson, ND 78 9.0
Trinity Elementary East Private Dickinson, ND 123 18.0
Trinity Elementary West Private Dickinson, ND 203 12.0
Trinity High School Private Dickinson, ND 565 12.0
Academy For Children Childcare Private Fargo, ND 43 5.0
Children's Montessori Center Private Fargo, ND 49 9.0
Dakota Montessori School Private Fargo, ND 233 33.0
Grace Lutheran School Private Fargo, ND 133 12.0
Nativity Elementary School Private Fargo, ND 342 20.0
Shanley High School & Sullivan Middle School Private Fargo, ND 550 16.0
Forest River School Private Fordville, ND 18 9.0
St Bernard Mission School Private Fort Yates, ND 73 18.0
Holy Family School Private Grand Forks, ND 67 8.0
Prairie Voyager Sda School Private Grand Forks, ND 6 6.0
St Michael's School Private Grand Forks, ND 119 8.0
Anne Carlsen Center Private Jamestown, ND 55 3.0
Hillcrest Sda Elementary School Private Jamestown, ND 24 12.0
St John's Academy Private Jamestown, ND 249 11.0
St Alphonsus School Private Langdon, ND 80 6.0
New Testament Baptist Christian School Private Larimore, ND 23 2.0
Christ The King Elementary School Private Mandan, ND 125 10.0
St Joseph Elementary School Private Mandan, ND 145 11.0
Bishop Ryan High School Private Minot, ND 384 10.0
Dakota Memorial High School Private Minot, ND 58 3.0
Little Flower Elementary Private Minot, ND 147 9.0
Our Redeemers Christian School Private Minot, ND 305 11.0
Little Flower Elementary School Private Rugby, ND 67 8.0
St Catherine Elementary School Private Valley City, ND 58 10.0
St John S School Private Wahpeton, ND 135 13.0
Johnson Cornors Christian Academy Private Watford City, ND 25 5.0
St Josephs Elementary School Private Williston, ND 195 10.0
Trinity Christian School Private Williston, ND 247 11.0
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Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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