Alaska Coed Elementary Schools

A listing of Alaska coed elementary schools.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Anchor Lutheran School Private Anchorage, AK 210 10.0
Anchorage Junior Academy Private Anchorage, AK 54 12.0
Anchorage Montessori School Private Anchorage, AK 172 17.0
Anchorage Waldorf School Private Anchorage, AK 73 7.0
Faith Evangelical Lutheran School Private Anchorage, AK 49 7.0
Grace Christian School Private Anchorage, AK 529 15.0
Holy Rosary Academy Private Anchorage, AK 147 9.0
Pacific Northern Academy Private Anchorage, AK 131 6.0
St Elizabeth Ann Seton School Private Anchorage, AK 158 20.0
Starbright Early Learning Center Private Anchorage, AK 67 13.0
Birchwood Christian School Private Chugiak, AK 167 12.0
Island Christian Academy Private Craig, AK 9 3.0
Living Word Academy Private Delta Junction, AK 17 2.0
Dillingham Adventist School Private Dillingham, AK 29 9.0
Juneau Montessori School Private Douglas, AK 45 2.0
Eagle River Christian School Private Eagle River, AK 125 8.0
St John Orthodox Christian School Private Eagle River, AK 92 9.0
World Harvest Christian School Private Eagle River, AK 15 7.0
Catholic Schools Of Fairbanks Private Fairbanks, AK 403 9.0
Fairbanks Montessori Association Private Fairbanks, AK 107 4.0
Fairhill Christian School Private Fairbanks, AK 159 13.0
Golden Heart Christian School Private Fairbanks, AK 13 13.0
Hamilton Acres Baptist School Private Fairbanks, AK 33 6.0
Immaculate Conception School Private Fairbanks, AK 404 9.0
Spruce Tree Montessori School Private Fairbanks, AK 49 6.0
Faith Community School Private Juneau, AK 46 7.0
Juneau Sda Christian School Private Juneau, AK 9 9.0
Grace Evangelical Lutheran School Private Kenai, AK 59 16.0
Wings Christian Academy Private Kenai, AK 27 6.0
Clover Pass Christian School Private Ketchikan, AK 29 3.0
Holy Name Catholic School Private Ketchikan, AK 57 10.0
Kodiak Christian School Private Kodiak, AK 72 10.0
Bristol Bay Christian Learning Center Private Naknek, AK 3 3.0
North Pole Christian School Private North Pole, AK 134 11.0
Amazing Grace Academy Private Palmer, AK 95 13.0
The Seer School Private Sitka, AK 20 3.0
Cook Inlet Academy Private Soldotna, AK 128 11.0
Northern Light Mennonite School Private Wasilla, AK 13 6.0
Our Lady Of The Valley Catholic School Private Wasilla, AK 56 11.0
St Ann's Academy Private Wasilla, AK 13 5.0
Wasilla Lake Christian School Private Wasilla, AK 147 9.0
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Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2015-2016 school year. For private schools this is the 2015-2016 school year.

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