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ElementarySchools.org understands the difficulty in finding a simple to use spreadsheet of elementary schools. The elementary schools report that you will receive will be one of the most easy to use lists of elementary schools you can find. The data has been meticulously gathered from the National Center For Education Statistics. After a great deal of work to reformat the data, we are making this data available to our visitors. We do charge a small for the effort of reformating the data into a more easy to use format. The type of report determines the total service fee. After making a purchase, your downloadable report will be available, including any updates, for 90 days from the date of purchase.

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Why doesn't my list contain just high schools or elementary schools?

There are as many ways to define high/middle/grade/elementary/primary/intermediate/junior high school as there are terms to describe them. Inconsistencies exist between public/private schools and across the country. The NCES even has multiple definitions for what is considered a high school or elementary school. Most would consider a school with grades 9-12 as a high school. However, many private schools have grades Pre-K through 12. There are even public schools that offer grades 5-12 or only 12th grade.

We use the following definitions:
Elementary: Has one or more of grades K-6 and does not have any grade higher than grade 8.
High: Has one or more of grades 7-12 and does not have any grade lower than grade 7.
Combined: Has one or more of grades K-6 and one or more of grades 9-12. Schools in which all students are ungraded (i.e., not classified by standard grade levels) are also classified as combined.

To give you the most flexibility, we include "combined" schools in all of our reports. We also include columns that will show the grades a particular school offers. If you would like to define the various types of schools in a different manner, most spreadsheet software (such as Excel) should easily filter the list of schools based on these additional columns to match exactly the definition you would prefer.

How current is this information?

ElementarySchools.org makes use of the most recent data available. We obtain and compile our data sets from the National Center for Education Statistics. The current data available for download and displayed on our site is from the following periods:

Public Schools: 2015 - 2016 school year
Private Schools: 2015 - 2016 school year

What fields are included?

Both Public and Private Schools
Field Comment
Nces Id Unique identifier from the National Center For Education Statistics
School Level High School, Elementary, or Combined or Ungraded
School Name
School County
Address Physical street address
School Type Regular, or Other/Alternative school
State Fips
Low Grade Lowest grade level offered
High Grade Highest grade level offered
Students Ug Number of students ungraded
Students Prek - Students 12 Number of students in a grade
Latitude Physical building's latitude
Longitude Physical building's longitude
Total Male Total male students
Total Female Total female students
Total Race Total students by 7 race categories
Total Students
Student Teacher Ratio
Full Time Equivalent Teachers
Mailing Address
Ansi Fips County Number
Offered Ug - 12 Yes if given grade is offered
Public Schools Only
Field Comment
School District
Operational Status Open, Closed, or Recently Opened
State School Id
State District Id
Free Lunch Eligible Total students eligble for free lunch
Reduce Price Lunch Eligible Total students eligble for reduced price lunch
Free & Reduced Lunch Total
Count Free Lunch
Count Reduced Lunch
Total Free & Reduced Lunch
Local Education Agency Id
Local School Id
Union Identification Number
Urban Locale Code
District Code 113
District Code 112
Bureau Of Indian
Title 1 Status
Title 1 Eligible
Title 1 School Wide
Magnet School
Charter School
Shared Time School
Private Schools Only
Field Comment
Ansi Fips County Number
Students Tk Total students transition kintergarten
Students T1 Total students transitional 1st grade
Coed All male, all female, or coed
Religious Affiliation
Library Yes if the school has a library
Offered Tk - T1 Offered transiational kintegarten or transitional 1st grade
Percent To 4year College Percent of graduates who continue to 4 year college
Prek K T1 Day Length
Prek K T1 Days Per Week
More Than 3/4 Time Teachers
More Than 1/2 Time Teachers
More Than 1/4 Time Teachers
Less Than 1/4 Time Teachers
Total Teachers
Home Schooling
Located In Home
Has Religious Orientation
American Montessori Society
Association Montessori International
Other Montessori associations
Association Military Colleges And Schools
Association Waldorf Schools of North America
National Association of Private Special Edu. Centers
Other Associations For Exceptional Children
European Council For International Schools
National Association For The Edu. of Young Children
National Association of Laboratory Schools
National Coalition of Girls Schools
Other Special Emphasis Associations
Alternative School Network
National Association of Independent Schools
State or regional independent school association
National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
National Independent Private Schools Association
The Association of Boarding Schools
Other school associations
Days In School Year
Hours In Day
Minutes In Day

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High Schools Elementary Schools

Public elementary school and private elementary school data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States. The data displayed is from the most current sources available. For public schools this is the 2015-2016 school year. For private schools this is the 2015-2016 school year.

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